Boy meets Girl. They fall in love. Over the years they nurture a relationship comprised of mutual interests surrounding food and art, travel, love for their families, and the unique emotional attachment to various items that had been passed down to them throughout the years. They form a joint aesthetic brought out by combining each other’s chosen art forms and professions—Josh, an architectural photographer, and Diana, a food/prop stylist—into almost every aspect of their day-to-day life.

Throughout the planning of their wedding, the beginnings of the Casa de Perrin collection were born before Diana and Josh even knew they wanted to start a company together. Diana had her heart set on adorning their tables with enough mismatched antique silver flatware for their 5 course dinner reception, so they spent the majority of weekends during their 13-month engagement at various flea markets, estate sales and antique malls until they had collected enough pieces. They pooled together previously collected vintage rugs from Josh’s travels and time spent living in Eastern Europe, along with other heirloom pieces they’d seek out together, with the intention to bring them back to life with new meaning and new purpose.

Two weeks after arriving back home from their honeymoon (spent exploring the California coast via a 1967 red VW Camperbus), Diana and Josh were confronted by the various wedding vendors who helped bring their vision to fruition that day, all with the same question, “Would you be interested in selling it to us?” And on a complete whim and leap of faith, they decided in that moment they would start a rental company based off their personal styles and what was currently lacking in the event rental market, and ultimately, what had prompted their collecting of these pieces in the first place.

When it came to naming their budding business, it was an obvious choice. Josh’s parents were wed in 1970 and a dear friend gifted them French bistro plates inscribed with “La Casa de Perrin” along the top. After using them throughout Josh's childhood, they passed them down to him, and became the plates Josh and Diana used every day once they moved in together. It only seemed appropriate they would name their business after the heirloom “House of Perrin” plates that had stood the test of time all these years, and that Diana and Josh had come to love so much.

The years that followed their wedding would prove to strengthen both their bond, and love for what they do. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Casa de Perrin is now the country’s leading luxury tabletop curation and design brand. Diana and Josh have curated an expansive collection of highly edited inventory ranging from specific eras of vintage china, flatware, and glassware, to the finest and most unique tabletop adornments they’ve designed and had commissioned exclusively for their purposes, both locally and abroad. Their aesthetic is at once timeless and unexpected, and their taste in acquisitions has led the effort in redefining an industry of truly setting the table.

The Casa de Perrin collections are now available to purchase, as well as rent.